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Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance PSC is a Public Shareholding Company, established in 1991 in the United Arab Emirates. Listed with the Dubai Financial Market with a total Share Capital of AED 115,500,000.00

Ownership Structure

Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance Co. (PSC) aims through this section to provide a progressive and transparent information about its shareholding structure, financial results, and various filings with DFM and dividend distribution, in order to keep its investor updated about the activities of the company.

DNI Top Shareholders

  • Al Habtoor Investment LLC 28.27%
  • Mr. Khalaf Ahmed Al Habtoor 26.03%
  • Ms. Hamda Awadh Mohamed Alsh Mejren Sultan Abdallah 10.21%
  • Sultan Ahmad Al Habtoor Investment Group LLC 7.08%

* Ownership percentage is subject to change.

* For updated ownership structure, please refer the Dubai Financial Market website.

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Ownership Structure & Percentage

  • UAE Nationals 99.39%
  • GCC and Other Nationals 0.61%

Share Prices

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Dubai Insurance and Reinsurance (Public Shareholding Company) aims to distribute cash dividend to its shareholders through a mechanism which ensures that the shareholders are receiving their dividend as per the Company's Articles Of Association terms; within the guidelines of the new United Arab Emirates Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 and related regulations.

Dividend Distribution Mechanism

Dividends are calculated and distributed to shareholders as below :

The Board of Directors at the General Assembly Meeting submits the proposal to the shareholders regarding the quantum of cash dividend or percentage of bonus shares for the year; which is then approved by the shareholders.

A shareholder entitled for the dividend, whether "cash and bonus shares", is the owner of the share registered on the (10th day) starting from the day following the date of the general assembly which decides the distribution of dividend; and if this day is a public holiday then it shall be deemed to be the next working day.

The Cash dividends are distributed to the shareholders through Dubai Financial Market vide a bank cheque to their registered P.O.Box address or deposited directly into their bank or through their iVESTOR card as listed in the Dubai Financial Market within a period of thirty (30) days from the due date.

Uncollected Dividends For Previous Years

This section is for the shareholders of Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance (PSC) who did not receive their cash dividends for the previous years.

Dear Shareholder, if your name is included in the list below you may contact us on the following to collect your dividend :

Tel : +971 4 596 9666
Fax : +971 4295 6711

Or visit the company's main office located in Port Saeed, Deira - Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance building - 7th floor, Dubai - UAE.

Click here to open the uncollected dividend list.

Investor Enquiries

Dubai Office

Dubai National Insurance Building,
Floor # 7 & 9 and Ground Floor,
Opposite to Deira City Centre,
Port Saeed, Deira, Dubai, U.A.E.
P.O. Box: 1806
Phone : +971 4 5969 666

Investor Relationship Department,
Phone:600 5 80000,
Fax:+971 4 295 6711,

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04 595 9666