General Accident

General Accident : Money Insurance

The Physical movement of money has always been matter of concern, for that we provide you the security and peace of mind with Money Insurance.

The Terms Money includes cash, bank drafts, currency notes, treasury notes, postal orders, money orders and postage stamps.

Major Exclusions

  • Alternate Text Any Consequential losses of any kind
  • Alternate Text Loss arising out of the infidelity of insured or insured’s employees
  • Alternate Text Loss of money from the insured premises where the money is not kept in a safe or strong room after business hours, money carried under a contract of affreightment
  • Alternate Text Loss of money from unattended vehicle

Bankers Blanket Bond

This insurance is tailored to meet the requirements of banks and financial institutions.

The insurance provides cover in respect of the Infidelity of the employees, loss of property whilst such property is within any of the insured’s premises or in transit, loss resulting directly from forgery or alteration, counterfeit currencies and other risks to which financial institutions are exposed. There is also option to extend the insurance to cover Computer Crimes and Professional liabilities.

Event Cancellation & Abandonment

The Event cancellation Plan has clearly defined sections that provide financial protection for certain types of potential losses (e.g., postponement of events due to certain causes, theft of special jewelry or presents, damage to special attire, and loss of deposits) during the period leading up to and including your event day. Event Cancellation Plan covers for the loss of costs and expenses, or revenues that result from the cancellation, abandonment, postponement, interruption or relocation of an event (in whole or in part) due to uncontrollable circumstances. Furthermore, Event Cancellation insurance protects costs and expenses or revenues associated with an event, such as travel expenses, venue costs, ticket sales, advertising and sponsorship revenues etc.

Jewellers Block Coverage

This insurance is essential for all jewelery establishments, keeping in mind the specific requirements of their trade.

This Plan is an "All Risks" coverage, which means that any accidental loss or damage is insured except for the specific exclusions.

Based on “Stock at the Participant’s premises” however, coverage may extend to follow Participant’s stock almost wherever it is being moved

Perils Covered

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